NHS and Elysium Healthcare Promoting Mental Wellbeing


(50% of mental illness problems well establish themselves before age of 15, and 75% before age of 24)

Amidst the worldwide increasing cases of mental health issues among youngsters, Surrey has initiated a mental health unit to be constructed in Charlwood earlier this week. This facility would have 12 beds for teens from age 12 to 18 and provide inpatient care to those suffering from acute mental health issues nearer to their homes. The unit would include communal living and outdoor spaces along with an on-sight school during the treatment period.

The initiative started as a part of the national program from NHS England and was supported by Elysium Healthcare, a private company, assuring the mental well-being of the locals. The main objective of creating the facility is to prioritize young people’s needs and necessities, provide them with care, and help them into better functioning adults.

Mental Health of Youngsters Worldwide

According to the reports of the WHO 14% of the global teen, population experiences mental health issues while one in every five teenagers is reported to suffer through some or other kind of mental health disorder.

Depression, anxiety, and behavioral disorders are the most common illnesses and disabilities among the young generation. These causes affect schoolwork and social life among adolescents creating difficulties in leading day-to-day life. In many cases, this could lead to self-harm or worst suicide, which is the fourth most common cause of death among youngsters.

Precaution and Help

The most crucial factor to address is the need for adolescents and empathy towards the person. It becomes important to subside the taboos and take medical help if necessary. Rising light falling on the mental health issues has created awareness regarding the subject and many NGOs and helplines are thus available for the help of youngsters who then can reach out in a time of crisis.

To find a helpline for your respective country you could look up at https://findahelpline.com/ or could contact iCall helpline at 9152987821 or their website at https://icallhelpline.org/.

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