Work in Progress: Surrey Village to witness In-patient mental health unit with global contribution of £10 million


(Charlwood, a village in Surrey district of England is set to witness mental health unit with funding of £10 million from NHS, England, and £4m from private company Elysium Healthcare)

What’s the news?

The rise of the mental health in-patient unit in the Surrey Village has brightened up hope for mental health patients, and the under-construction unit will surely assist in ease of patient care and enhance care services in behavioral health too! This development has also brought NHS, England, into the prime spotlight for its huge contribution of £10 million. Pertaining to the same, strong measures in the mental health segment are witnessed to spur the debate of #mentalhealthmatters.

Efforts on Mental Health by WHO!

Understanding the aforementioned medical ethics amongst the governmental and corporate community, it is important to focus on the global mental health segment. As per a research survey conducted by WHO, it is revealed that, “Increased investment is required on all fronts: for mental health awareness to increase understanding and reduce stigma; for efforts to increase access to quality mental health care and effective treatments; and for research to identify new treatments and improve existing treatments for all mental disorders.”

Steps Ahead—2022 and beyond

Understanding the same, WHO launched the World Mental Health Report: Transforming Mental health for All in 2022.

Such developments of WHO, NHS, National Centre for Mental Health and corporate community will surely ease out the process and also usher positive hope amongst the healthcare community.

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