Simple Online Healthcare Entering European Medicare Market

simple online healthcare

(Simple Online Healthcare has served more than 500,000 consumers since its inception)

Simple Online Healthcare—a trending online pharmacy, has announced its plan to enter further into the European medicare market. This announcement came after the company’s annexation over the Kapsel and Dr. Felix brands from Stark Healthcare. Both of the brands are well known and are wide service providers of medical facilities. This strategic move by the virtual medical care company has opened the doors wide into European Medical Market.

Why is Simple Online Trending?

Founded by Addy Mohammed and Karim Nassar in 2015, Simple Online Healthcare is a patient-centric care service provider. The company offers free online NHS England prescription delivery services, online doctors, and pharmacy stores in the UK and Australia.

As a virtual medical care organization, Simple Online Healthcare has created ease for patients and is providing them with the facility of medicine, doctor, and checkup at home. The popularity of the service among the masses regarding the services provided has increased over the period. However, the company’s access is limited to a particular part of the world, restricting the service zone of the company.

Branching Out into Europe

The acquisition of Dr. Felix and The Kapsel could be seen as a step closer to the company’s dream to go global. With already well-established brands and its consumer base, Simple Online Healthcare is ready to spread its services to people across Europe.

Passionately based on the principles of patient-centric care, Simple Online Healthcare is a name of the future with the potential to spread across the globe and create a new dawn in the medicare industry.

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