Pharmaceutical Queen Plans to Expand in The United States


As the fifth largest biopharma company, Novartis is no lesser than a “Queen” in the global market. Though the company ranked fifth in worldwide revenue, its rank in the U.S. remains tenth. This has led this pharmaceutical market giant to think about its strategies to increase its presence in the U.S.

Many changes are to be expected on the road to the future of the company which has already started under the company’s CEO, Vas Narasimhan.

What are Novartis’ New Changes?

Undergoing a major makeover under its CEO, Novartis has officially unveiled its ‘U.S.-first strategy’. The company is looking forward to increasing its customer base in the U.S. This being the objective, the company has divided its innovative medicine departments by the regions and international markets. This would help the company focus as a single unit on a selected geographical area.

Narsimha in his statement says, “Our strategy is focused on five core attractive therapeutic areas, key technology platforms, and the U.S. market, with the aim to increase value per new molecular entity from our deep pipeline.”

His statement clearly indicated the beginning of changes Novartis is planning to create.

What’s in it for the Community?

With this global expansion, Novartis pharmaceuticals is in an effort trying to reach out and connect with people. This effort is to provide patients with globally proven to be effective drugs. This is supposed to majorly happen through healthcare providers who are being contacted by the company.

This will ensure the availability of widely famous drugs like Leqvio injections, a drug leading to the reduction of bad cholesterol, and Kisqali, a drug for breast cancer.

The initiative by Novartis looks like a staircase to the top in the pharmaceutical market while this would benefit the patients most as the availability of medicine and research regarding it would also be increasing.

The results of these tests would probably be revealed to the world by the end of 2027, and we can hope the pharmaceutical reaches the corners of the world to provide proper medications.

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